MTEC Laboratory

About Us

       Biomaterials laboratory is one of the laboratories in Biomedical Engineering Research Unit (BMERU). The objectives of this laboratory are to create knowledge and develop biomaterials technology which is appropriate for Thai anatomy, to substitute the imported products and enhance the quality of life in Thailand.  The laboratory focuses on creating fundamental knowledge, developing biomaterials technology, transferring technology to private sectors, building research network and human resource development in biomaterials technology.


Research and Development Directions

  1. Research and development in materials/devices for bone and tooth reconstruction, e.g.,  bone substitutes from hydroxyapatite and its composite, net-shaped implant for cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction, dental implant system, polymers for medical rapid prototyping technology and glass ionomer cement for dental application.
  2. Research and development in wound healing and skin substituted materials, e.g., wound dressing materials, hemostatic materials, antibacterial materials and silicone gel for scar treatment.
  3. Research and development in tissue engineering and in vitro and in vivo cell-material interactions, e.g., scaffold development and study of responses of cells, i.e., chondrocytes and osteoblasts, when in contact with biomaterials.