MTEC Laboratory

About Us

Medical devices laboratory is one of the laboratories in Biomedical Engineering Research Unit (BMERU). The objectives of the laboratory are to analyze, design, and develop medical devices, in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, which are suitable for Thai people. We, in particular, focus on the medical devices for the treatments of diseases that are highly effected daily-adjusted life year of Thai people, especially the elderly, the disabled and the road traffic injured. We have been working closely with medical doctors from different fields to solve certain medical problems and improve medical treatment processes. The developed knowledge and technology are meant to be transferred to industrial and/or public sectors to enhance the qualities of life and medical service in Thailand.


Research and Development Directions

  1. Protection devices, e.g., alternating pressure air mattress, scoop stretcher, and patient lift.
  2. Diagnosis devices, e.g., medical models, monofilament for diabetic patients, and dental CT.
  3. Treatment devices, e.g., customized implants, surgical aid devices, and DIY spacer for asthma patients.
  4. Rehabilitation devices for muscles, bone, knees and joints and devices to improve thinking/ memory/reflexion skills.