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Ceramics Processing Laboratory under Ceramics Technology Research has covered both fundamental and applied research driven by industrial needs. The research includes raw material synthesis, processing, fabrication and property analysis. Main research works are as follows:

  1. Functional coating such as the water-repellent coating by mimicking the lotus effect that can be applied onto variety of materials such as construction material, fabric and glass to obtain self-cleaning or anti-microbial properties. The research also covers flame-retardant coating, anti-reflection coating and solar-reflective coating.
  2. Exploration of the energy efficient and environmentally friendly process for ceramic productions such as lowering the sintering temperature of ceramics by using additive or waste. Moreover, development of non-firing ceramics via geopolymer technology has also been studied.
  3. Preparation of ceramic for filtration and separation of liquid compound which has been extensively used in beverage industries, food, pharmaceutical and water treatment. Moreover, development of ceramic substrates and ceramic membranes to achieve high mechanical strength and porous structure with the suitable selectivity property for each application has also been explored. Ceramic membranes can be fabricated in many forms such as tubular, sheet and honeycomb structures. Materials commonly used for ceramic membranes are alumina or zirconia.
  4. Synthesis and application of low-dimensional metal oxides (WO3, SnO2 and TiO2 nanowires)
  5. Advanced structural ceramics (glass-ceramics, Al2O3, ZrO2).