MTEC Researchers won Outstanding Research Award from NRCT at Thailand Inventors’ day

Dr. Anchalee Manonukul, Principal Researcher from Advanced Metallurgy Laboratory, Metal Research Unit won an outstanding research award at Thailand Inventors' Day 2017. The award was presented by Deputy Prime Minister, Air Chief Marshal, Prachin Chantong. The event was organized by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT). The awarded project is “Fabrication of Open-Cell Commercially Pure Titanium Foam Using Slurry Impregnated Polymeric Foam”, which is a collaborative effort between MTEC and TAISEI KOGYO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The developed titanium foam has a mesh structure, which enables gas and liquid permeability. It is ductile and strong enough to withstand high compression load. The foam can be used as high temperature filtration and electrode in electrochemical systems.

The research results are proved to be successful in terms of upscaling and commercialisation. Titanium foam has now been manufactured and distributed by TAISEI KOGYO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The success story continues. 4 papers are published in the international academic journals, a national inventive patent and two design patents were filed. 

Research Team Members:

Dr. Anchalee Manonukul, Mr. Pathompoom Srikudvien and Mr. Nipon Denmud
National Metal and Materials Technology Center

Mrs. Makiko Tange
TAISEI KOGYO (Thailand) Co., Ltd