Bangkok, September 21, 2017 - L’Oréal (Thailand) Ltd. is celebrating the 15th anniversary of ‘For Women in Science’ in Thailand by underlining its commitment to support women in the scientific sector through the establishment of the honorary “L'Oréal Woman Scientist Crystal Awards” for two former fellows of the programme. This announcement was made in parallel with the naming of the three outstanding Thai female researchers who have been awarded this year’s fellowship grants.

Dr. Anchalee Manonukul receives the honorary award from L'Oréal. She was awarded the fellowship grant from L’Oréal Thailand ‘For Women in Science 2008 for her research entitled “Development of powder metallurgy processes and products to increase Thailand’s manufacturing capability”. The research has been developed for applications in industry and has enhanced productivity. The best example of this work, which responds to the needs of the industrial sector, is the development of fabrication process for titanium foam. This has been used by a private company in Thailand and is now being commercially manufactured and distributed.

After receiving the fellowships from the programme, both researchers were given the opportunity to be part of national development through their research in various industrial sectors. Dr. Anchalee Manonukul, National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) said: “The fellowship helped create opportunities for me to conduct further research into many aspects and earned the trust of both governmental and private sectors. I also had the chance to transfer knowledge through teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, while simultaneously supporting the industrial sector. I was approached by the private sector for consultations, funding research grants and technology transfer. I was also given the chance to spread my knowledge of powder metallurgy to Thai industrial sector, contributing to the excellence in Thai manufacturing capability of metal parts for sustainable development of the country”.