About Us

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool for the quantitative analysis of environmental burdens associated with a product/process/service, through the entire product life-cycle, which includes raw materials extraction and processing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, use/reuse/maintenance, recycling, and disposal. This “Cradle” to “Grave” assessment is to achieve the improvement of the product/process/service with the least environmental impacts. LCA as a part of ISO 14000 series (i.e. ISO 14040 series) is an effective environmental tool that has been widely used.

LCA Laboratory (LCA Lab) is aimed for research and infrastructure development as well as the applications of LCA and related environmental management tools, in order to support and enhance the capability of industrial sectors and related organizations toward international environmental standards. LCA Lab has collaborations with national and international organizations to enhance the research and development as well as to raise awareness and disseminate the knowledge on green production and consumption for sustainable development.