MTEC Laboratory

About Us

       Materials for environment Laboratory is one of the research laboratories under the Environment Research Unit. Our research and development covers material synthesis, product development and establishment of production techniques and field tests. The development of product prototypes, production processes and field tests are carried out with consultancy by experts and with collaboration from other institutes and private companies as part of multi-disciplinary team. The materials currently being investigated are agriculture commodities and non-hazardous wastes from power plants, aluminum and pulp factories such as natural polymers from plants, lignin, rice husk ash, coal ash, sediment from water treatment, wastes from pulp factories and others. The production processes are simple and environmentally friendly as well as cost efficient to facilitate business start up opportunities. Finally, the outcome will not only promote utilization of agriculture commodities, decrease imported materials, and have a significant impact on the economy and rural development, but also reduce consumption of precursors from natural resources.