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            Biofuel Testing Laboratory, a part of Renewable Energy Laboratory, offers several aspects of technical assistance and problem solving resources for governmental organizations and private sectors through expertise of researchers and efficient analytical techniques. Biofuel Lab provides a complete-cycle service for biofuel testing and analysis including determination of chemical and physical properties, efficiency and engine impact. Furthermore, the capabilities of biofuel research and development are complemented through a number of bio-energy related research projects at MTEC and other institutes. In addition, Biofuel Testing Lab supports the commercial biofuel production by offering training courses/workshops, providing consulting services and transferring knowledge regarding standard testing methods of biofuel’s physical and chemical properties.

           Automotive and Alternative Fuel Laboratory, a part of Renewable Energy Laboratory, conducts research and development of alternative fuels for automobiles. The Lab specializes in a wide range of areas, including the effects of biofuels on engine performance, fuel combustion, emissions, degradation of engine parts, and lubricity properties of additives, Furthermore, the Lab also offers technical consulting, and testing and analyzing services as followed: test