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About us

FAST’s mission is to do research and development to improve quality and reliability of materials / equipment / machinery parts in aspects of safety, service life and performances in the framework of corrosion prevention technology, thermal spray and thin film coating technology

At present, FAST’s research work and technical services target on nation’s key industries such as power generation industry, petrochemical industry, refinery, rail and track system.


To successfully achieve our missions and be able to support and meet industrial demands in technical aspects, FAST focuses and categorizes our expertise and works into 3 main areas as follows : 

  1. Failure Analysis Technology
  2. Corrosion Technology
  3. Coating Technology
    • Thermal Spray Coating
    • Thin Film Coating

     In area of failure analysis, our crucial missions emphasize on providing technical advice and information to solve problems on product design, failure of components in machinery after service or defects of in-process goods. This is to find out the root cause of failure which can be intrinsic contaminants, service environments or any other abnormality in equipment and/or improper engineering system design. FAST is capable of providing services to industries not only on-site failure investigation but also laboratory failure investigation by destructive and non-destructive testing.

      In area of surface coating technology, we conduct technical research, development, technology transfer and technical problem solving to industries using thermal spraying and physical vapor deposition technology. Coating materials and coating methods are tailored to properly serve various service conditions and environments so as to improve component qualities such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth surface texture providing lower frictional force between contact surfaces, high temperature stability, durability and esthetic appearance. Our expertise and scope of works are in the followings:

  1. Development of new coating materials and characterization
  2. Coating processing techniques
  3. Material selection for application optimization
  4. Equipment development
  5. Reliability testing


    Thermal spraying technology can be applied to various industries such as textile, rubber, metal wire, food processing, mold and die, automotive parts etc. Likewise, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) can be used in a variety of applications such as hard film on mold and die in metal fabrication industry, reflective film for laser optics, coloring film on jewelry setting for esthetic purpose, biocompatible film on medical implants etc.