MTEC Laboratory


 NSM lab has an expertise on near-net-shape fabrication process such as high pressure die casting (HPDC), metal injection moulding (MIM) and metal foam forming.  

Our research and development on metal fabrication processes focuses on

  1. Process improvement and optimization
  2. Process development
  3. Product design and development

For HPDC process, one of the key manufacturing processes in automotive part, electric appliance, electronics and computer part industries, NSM focuses on improving manufacturing efficiency in angles of quality, cost and delivery. To achieve these, knowledge and technology in mold design as well as manufacturing processing are applied to obtain consistency of manufacturing process, high product yield, low material consumption and short lead time. To accommodate the expansion of automotive industry and its increasing demand of high strength parts, NSM also conducts research and development on high integrity light weight alloy automotive parts using squeeze casting and semi-solid casting processes.  

MIM is one of metal fabrication processes suitable for small, intricate, complex parts with high value such as medical implants, luxurious watch, jewelry and any other complicated-shaped parts. NSM also has experiences in research and development on metal foam fabrication process such as stainless steel foam, titanium foam and aluminium foam using various methods to obtain pores with specific, consistent size and shape for each industrial application.  With regard to technology transfer, NSM has developed training courses, practical to casting industry such as HPDC process, molten metal gating design for HPDC process etc.