MTEC Laboratory

About Us

          Textile laboratory serves as R&D unit for supporting Thai textile industries.It conducts both in-house research and collaborate research with universities and industry section with aim to develop textiles-related know-how and technology, which will then be transferred to the industries. In addition, it also provides services on consultation, problem-solving as well as knowledge about textiles.
Research Themes
          To support development of high quality and high value textile products of Thai industries, our research themes are in 2 main areas:
          Conventional textiles As the majority of textile products from Thai industries nowadays is conventional textiles (garments, home textiles), the conducted research will focus on increasing the products quality in order to obtain higher value and competitiveness. Some of our previous research work includes improving tensile strength of nylon fibers, development of process and affinity enhancement for dyeing of cotton and silk with natural dyes, fragrant cotton and silk fabrics, and anti-bacterial fabrics.
           Technical textiles Technical textiles production in Thailand is still in a small amount and low variations. The conducted research will focus on building up know-how on technical textiles and developing product prototypes with aim to transfer to Thai textile industries. Some of our previous research work includes development of nonwoven consisting of ultrafine fibers, development of flame-retardant cotton fabric, and development of porous hollow shaped fibers.