Plenary Speakers



Prof. Dr. Takashi GOTO [CV]

    Tohoku University, Japan &

    Vice President of Ceramics Society of Japan

"Chemical Vapor Deposition of Environmental Coating for SiCf/SiC Composite"


Prof. Dr. Laszlo A. GOMZE [CV]

     University of Miskolc, Hungary

"Rheological Principles of Development Ceramic Based Complex Materials with Extreme Dynamic Strength"


Prof. Dr. Takaomi KOBAYASHI [CV]

     Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan


Prof. Dr. Alpagut KARA [CV]

     Anadolu University, Turkey &

     President of Turkish Ceramic Society

"Eco-Friendly Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Based on Recycled Agricultural and Industrial Wastes for Waste Water Reuse (REMEB)"


Invited Speakers                                                                               



Prof. Dr. Bekir KARASU [CV]

     Anadolu University, Turkey

"The Time Journey of Crystalline Glazes"



Prof. Dr. Tadachika NAKAYAMA [CV]

     Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan



Dr. Teiichi KIMURA  [CV]

    Japan Fine Ceramics Center (JFCC), Japan

"Laser Processing of Ceramics"


Mr. Emilio Rigamonti [CV]

    SOLAR/TURBOMACH, Switzerland

"Cogeneration with Gas Turbines  Cost reduction in ceramic tiles manufacturing"