Program : Automotive Technology to Sustain Competitiveness (B4-1)

According to Thai government policies in automotive technology, one of the major goals is to propel and support the growth of automobiles with clean technologies, which play an important role in energy conservation and environmental protection. In order to achieve this goal, the electrical vehicle campaign was launched to promote and encourage the usage of clean energy, such as electrical energy in domestic vehicles i.e. golf car, family car, as well as minibus. The ultimate aim is to replace the existing fuel engine vehicles which contribute to the green house effect and consume considerably higher energy.

The purpose of this project is to conduct research to develop a prototype of an electrical motor-driven minibus. First, the existing design procedures and criteria of motor-driven systems for a minibus will be studied. CAD/CAE technology will be employed to design the structure of minibus and to determine required the load and torque of a drive system. Prior to assembling the prototype, the details of drive motor and the control system, including braking system, battery, and charging configuration, will be finalized. Additionally, the prototype will be fitted with air conditioner and lighting systems.


Project Benefit

The knowledge and methodology gained from this project will be significant for development of other electrical vehicles in Thailand. The relevant technical knowledge will be transferred to automotive sections to support their capabilities in design and manufacturing electrical vehicles for the domestic and international markets. Consequently, by developing and using electrical vehicle technology, Thailand will be boosted by the better environment for people’s welfare and by reducing the expenditure in importing fuel and motor-drive technology which is up to 200 million baht annually.

Project leader :

Chi-na Benyajati (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Research Team :

Dr. Ruangdej Tongsri,Piyapong Premvaranon, Rungtip Krataitong,Apichart Teralapsuwan, Anan Daraphan, Pongsak Wila, Pisarn Siriphol, Foifon Srisawat