Program : Design and Simulation for Material and Production (C1-9)

Electricity generation based on gas turbines uses hot gas produced by burning fuel to drive turbines. By mixing high pressure air with fuel in a burner, hot pressurized gas comes out and then passes through several internal parts such as a transition duct and turbine blades. When heated gas at high pressure passes through turbines, they rotate and generate electricity. A Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) is generally applied to the surface of these internal parts allowing them to function under constant heat stress and corrosion. The TBC process takes place at high temperature where coating powder is accelerated through a nozzle then mixed with a plasma jet resulting in a spray broom of melted particles. Spraying precision is required to produce semi-solid melting suitable for attaching to the coating surface. To achieve the required spraying precision, a robot is preferable for carrying out this process.

MTEC via the Co-operation of the Automation and Mechatronics Laboratory and the Thermal Spray Laboratory has signed an MOU with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to develop a software tool that will aid the robotic-guided TBC process currently used by EGAT. The software tool uses a geometric model of the coating part to generate a collision-free robot motion required for inner-surface TBC of transition ducts as well as turbine vanes. The software also simulates the robot motions prior to the actual coating process and utilizes a spray deposition model in the tool-path generation.

Project Leader :

Dr. Nirut Naksuk (nirutn)

Research Team :

Dr.Tanakorn Tantanawat, Dr. Panadda Niranatlumpong, Waravut Printrakoon, Somprasong Sriwichai, Chalermchai Sukhonkhet, Phongwchit Sakunpet-alam, Jiradech Nakngoenthong