Program : Materials Design and Production (C1-22)

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) is an innovative technology to mass produce metal parts with complex shape.  MIM is considered a new manufacturing process for Thailand.  Currently, there is only one MIM company which is CASTEM( Thailand) who can produce steel, stainless steel and pure titanium.  CASTEM achieved that ability to MIMed pure titanium via a co-funded project with MTEC MIM lab in 2006.  MTEC MIM lab is the first and the only MIM demonstration pilot plant. 

Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V has higher strength than pure titanium and most common metal for implants.  Suitable raw material and process condition must be selected for MIM of titanium alloy.  MIM of titanium alloy is considered a tread secret.

Dr. Anchalee Maonukul and her team carried out a co-funded project with CASTEM to develop MIM for titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V.  Suitable raw material and process condition were chosen to produce high quality produce at low cost.  Currently, the laboratory-scale experiment at MTEC was finished and the technology has been transferred to CASTEM for production and sales.  CASTEM is doing a trail mass-scale production.

Project Benefit :

The output of this project is the MIM technique for manufacturing titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with high precision and good mechanical properties to meet international standards and comparable to other manufacturing process. It can be adapted to produce medical implants, parts for electrical and electronic industry and tooling. The results showed that pre-alloyed powder can be used to produce better quality parts than master-alloyed powder at competitive price. As a result, the manufacturing process is more convenient and has better controllability. CASTEM is planning to mass produce and develop sales of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V in the near future.


 Project Leader :

Anchalee Manonukul, D.Phil. (Oxon) (anchalm)

Research Team :

Khuntong Songsiri, Dr. Prasert Chalermkarnnon, Suttha Amaranan, Nattapol Muenya,

Ladawan Chotirat