Human Resource Development Science and Technology

   Human resource is the key to strengthen the country’s economic and is a driving force for sustainable development. Any approach to develop human resource for development through science and technology should aim at the utilization of these resources for more productivity.  It is now recognized that science and technology are important input to the process of development.   

   To promote human resource development, MTEC has provided public training courses with the purpose of providing knowledge, techniques and practice tools or machinery. MTEC also offers group training and courses tailored for specific need. Instructors comprise of highly qualified researchers and experts from the 9 research units of MTEC.   


     Conference is the services that will be opportunity for people who relate in the research field can present their works, exchange their knowledge and share their experience that can bring to co-operate or research network for create the new innovation. 


Public Training

     Public Training is used for transfer technology and knowledge that according to MTEC obligation. This service provide for everyone who interested in each topic with both kind of class are describe and workshop. You can see our public training plan from this link website.


Group Training

     This service is intended to serve the need of group that specify with their requirement on technology and knowledge training.  Training format and outline can be design by group that will be meets the best benefit. 


Teen and Kid's activity

Teen and Kid's activity is managed on some special events example Children's day, National Science and Technology Fair, One day camp, etc. The goal is to provide useful materials information to children through varieties activities such as games, experiments, etc.


Human Resource Development in Materials Science Section will announce every activities through E-mail and web site. You can apply or register by complete your detail in application form through linkage in E-mail or website within the date. For more information please contact 0-2564-6500 ext. 4675 – 81.