Ceramic Chemistry Laboratory

Ceramic Chemistry Lab of Ceramics Research Unit focuses on the synthesis and processing of advanced ceramics, for examples nanoparticles, thin films, porous ceramics such as ceramic water filter, ceramic membrane & support, as well as ceramic-based & geopolymers derived from industrial wastes such as fly ash, bottom ash and rice husk, etc. by using chemical and ceramic processing methods. In addition, the research also includes advanced construction and building materials such as solar-reflective pigments, functional coatings such as water-repellent & self-cleaning coating, and porous ceramic-based materials for VOCs absorption.

1. Porous Ceramics

Ceramic catalyst (Metal/Ceramic supports, zeolite derived from industrial wastes, activated carbon materials)


Ceramic membrane (Pd membrane, Ni/Al2O3 membrane)

2. Waste-derived ceramics and geopolymer

Kaolin-based geoplymer and Ceramic glaze from fly ash (Dr.Parjaree Thavorniti)

Ceramic tiles from lignite bottom ash (Dr.Charusporn Mongkolkachit)

 3. Nanomaterials and Coating

Flame-retardant coating (Dr.Sitthisuntorn Supothina)

Water-repellent and self-cleaning coating and Solar-reflective pigments (Dr.Sitthisuntorn Supothina)

Planetary Ball Mill
contact: sitthis@mtec.or.th
Dip coater
contact: supawank@mtec.or.th
Tile pressing machine (8 inch x 8 inch)
contact: charuspm@mtec.or.th

Ceramic Chemistry Laboratory
Dr. Sitthisuntorn Supothina
Tel : 02564 6500 ext. 4234 Fax : 0 2564 6447
E-mail : sitthis@mtec.or.th

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