Ceramic and Glass Laboratory

Ceramic and Glass Laboratory is a laboratory under Ceramics Research Unit, doing research and development on ceramic materials, glass and geopolymer, which focusing on environmental friendly materials to reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process. The research topics include the low temperature ceramic body and lead-free glaze, utilization of industrial waste such as; bottom ash, glass cullet and tile waste to various innovative materials i.e. granite-designed decorative tile, geopolymer brick and light-weight composite brick. In addition, the lab also provides services to industries by developing raw material, body and glaze databases, establishing laboratory for quality control in process, being a consultant and solving problems of product by analyzing, testing as well as using the management technology such as clean technology to improve productivity and reduce cost in process.


Research and Services for the Industry

  • Developing clay and low temperature lead-free glaze
  • Developing tiles and bricks from glass debris
  • Developing geopolymers from industrial waste to be used as construction materials
  • Developing technology for production porous ceramic that capable in moisture control
  • Developing alumina crucible and flame resistant plate for burning gemstone
  • Developing clean technology for improvement and cost of production in the industry
  • Analysis services, testing and solving product problems for manufacturing of the industry

1. Research on low temperature ceramic body and glaze  (Dr. Anucha Wannagon)

low temperature body                             Lead free glaze                                                                        

2. Research on waste utilization  (Dr. Anucha Wannagon and Dr. Samunya Sanguanpak)

Light weight tile                                          Light weight brick                                          Refractory from waste                                                     

3. Research on geopolymer (Dr. Anucha Wannagon and Dr. Samunya Sanguanpak)


Spray dryer
Contact: rungarc@mtec.or.th

Dino-lite Optical Microscope 
Contact: rungarc@mtec.or.th


Glass Furnace 1500oC
Contact: witayas@mtec.or.th

Glass Furnace 1800oC
Contact: witayas@mtec.or.th

Scratch Tester
Contact: witayas@mtec.or.th

Forming / Molding /Jiggering Machine 
Contact: witayas@mtec.or.th

Autoclave Machine
Contact: sitthisp@mtec.or.th

Compression Testing Machine 
Contact: sitthisp@mtec.or.th

Ceramic and Glass Laboratory
Head of laboratory: Dr. Anucha Wannagon
Tel.: 02564 6500 extension 4045 Fax: 0 2564 6368
Email: anuchaw@mtec.or.th

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