“Sales” are considered to be a very important business aspect. Thus, every business always opens for positions in sales department such as merchandiser. A merchandiser is a product manager responsible for managing the product placement in the showroom and coordinating with customers to generate sales.

           Miss Kunchana Dumrongchai told us about her working experience with foreign trade which are highly competitive and competing against time. Therefore, negotiation skill is very important for gaining a business advantage, building a trade relationship and collecting a business intelligence.

Miss Kunchana used to work as a merchandiser in a private company called Tel-Dan Co., Ltd. This company has a jewish as a chief executive officer. She has learnt how to negotiate which can make an offer the customers hard to refuse. The CEO said to her that, “My office is always open. Come to ask if you don’t understand something. But repeating the same question twice may mean that you never learn from your past experiences.”

Working with passion and meeting challenging tasks everyday allows her to meet a variety of people. Dealing with critical situations, solving unexpected problems, and practicing the art of communication both verbal and non-verbal are necessary to improve the negotiation style.


More than 6 years working very hard with the company has affected her health so much that she decided to stop and move on to work with a government agency, NSTDA. Fortunately, she still chose a job that fit her competency, i.e,  contacting with foreign counterparts. This job altogether gave her almost 10 years experience in international relations field.

           In NSTDA, she has an opportunity to work with many competent executives who taught her to be prudent and open for self-development. When she has to face with unexpected challenges, she can handle it very well, for example, being a very first-time host at an academic conference made her know how to deal with unanticipated situations and pay attention to little details such as reading the names correctly.

Moreover, learning different cultures and greeting others in their languages are one way to show respect. Also knowing the current situation and the history of your partner’s country will make you be able to understand and avoid touching some sensitive issues that will affect the relationship. These experiences make her becomes more professional working with foreign countries.


To work in international affairs, one must have an ability to deal with a cross-culture relationship. People in international relations field need to build a relationship with various cultures based on mutual understanding which will lead to a reciprocal benefit for both sides.


In addition, people in this field must have abilities to align the directions and demands of the organization, according to the corporate visions and values, with its partners. This line of work, in a sense, bears a close resemblance to a diplomat in strengthening and protecting the organization benefits by working with forward-looking, understanding, creative, sharing and result-oriented attitudes.


The operation of international relations is like building a bridge to connect networks and strengthening a strong relationship. Therefore, the international relations officers are crucial to the organization’s success.


       Miss Kunchana mentioned following attributes essential for international relations personnel:

  1. Negotiational skills

  2. Self-development and willingness to learn

  3. Cultural awareness and keeping abreast of world events and information.

  4. Interpersonal skills

  5. Good attitude

  6. Work skills and people skills

            She concluded that we should be a person of value. If someone asks for help and we have the ability to do that then we should. Even though it is not our direct responsibility but at least we can make new friends from helping each other.

Consistently, she is working with integrity, knowing her duties and limitations. She always put herself in someone’s shoes as she said if you do not like something then you should not do that to others. These work experiences make her be able to deal with problems and manage things in a professional manner.


Kunchana Dumrongchai:

  • Graduated B.A. in Political Science, Kasetsart University.

  • Graduated M.A. in Public and Private Management, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA).

  • At present, she is an Analyst for the International Collaboration and Networking Development Division at the National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC).


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