Working life is always busy with all the responsibilities each day. Dealing with stress, one may neglect to relax one’s mind. Therefore, sparing some free times for hobbies is a good way to ease off pressure and lead you to happiness.

Anek Phuchamnong, an MTEC engineer, has used his free time creating a DIY work using the materials from his office. He spent a month to finish the Mini CNC, a mechatronic system that can perform complex tasks. He used his own money to purchase program to use with his invention in order to make its performance comparable to those of commercial machines.

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is the automated control of machine tools by means of a computer which can produce works very fast and accurate.


The advantages of the machine are as follows:

  • It can work automatically and produce a very high-quality workpiece within a controllable time.
  • It can mass-produce identical parts accurately.
  • The production program can be saved for later use.

Mr. Anek told us that all the knowledge, ability and work experiences in mechanics & engineering field have made him becomes proficient in a variety of works such as designing and creating a prototype, creating an automatic control system and solving certain researches and industrial problems. He also had the opportunities to work with various research groups such as assisting the rubber research group to construct an apparatus for measuring mechanical properties of latex and joining the automotive group to design an electrical system in an electric bus and construct a wind tunnel instrumentation system.

Anek Phuchamnong : 

  • Graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Tak
  • At present, works as an engineer of Industrial Design and Problem Solving Research Team at the National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC).
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