“The important thing while one is working is to listen carefully and ask the relevant questions so one can understand the issue clearly, and capture its essences.”

MTEC focuses on the use of knowledge and research results for both commercial benefits and public interest. The main point is a collaboration between the government and the private sector, which is operated by the Business Development Department.


Miss Thitiporn Tanunchai has been working in this field for more than 14 years, starting her career as an analyst responsible for coordinating with researchers and private sector on metal-related issues. During her first 10 years, she was assigned to work on some challenging tasks which require a professional negotiation skill. She said that the key success factor is an effective communication between the executives, researchers, private sectors and all related parties. She always gives high importance on the accuracy of the information in her works such as contracts, regulations, minutes and general documents.

At present, Miss Thitiporn Tanunchai is a Division Director of Business Development Department. The Department is responsible for analyzing the market data of various industries, learning the related technologies, understanding the organization’s strategic goals and searching for cooperation partners in order to bring the research results to commercialization. She described that the working guidance for the Business Development Department is to proactively seek for cooperation and to match the researchers’ expertise and the organization’s technological capabilities with the target group by organizing a roadshow activity. This effort is not only being beneficial to all but also helping the organization to earn more revenue from its research results.


As a Division Director, Miss Thitiporn is also in charge of managing the project’s budget such as the C5-3 Program. Her team has to manage a total budget of approximately 100 million baht and report work performance, especially the socio-economic impacts, to the Program Manager and related parties. She also has another important role in drafting the practices and regulations of certain activities such as the revenue collection.

In addition, Miss Thitiporn has mentioned certain crucial factors in the success of business development as follows:

  • Industrial-oriented contract research: An industrial-oriented research problem has a definite and practical goal. The required knowledge and skills could be beneficial to other industries as well.

  • Worker-centeredness: Giving importance to people and the environment that is conducive to work will encourage enthusiasm and strengthen teamwork, thus enhancing the chances of success.

  • Good character traits: People in the Business Development Department must be friendly since they have to work with a variety of people and coordinate with many parties. They must be able to work under pressure and have abilities to handle unexpected situations and deal with difficult problems.

Thitiporn Tanunchai:

  • Graduated B.A. in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
  • Graduated M.A. in Polymer Science and Technology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol university
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