Mr. Kritsadakorn Manakla has been working as an MTEC engineer for more than 11 years and has created many practical works in terms of repairing and creating, such as

  • Fire protection system in the UPS room:

This system can monitor the security status in the UPS control room at all times via a mobile application.

  • Kiln control box:

The control box will show the status and track the operation of the furnaces via a website.

  • Surgical light:

A surgical light is made for the operating room which requires appropriate lighting. This project was cooperated with Dr. Teerapong Yamwong, the late MTEC researcher. A pressure gauge was also invented.

  • Weighting device:

This device was patented together with the team of Mechanical Properties Testing Laboratory.

  • Magnetic stirrer:

This device has the ability to stir molten metals, control a motor and record the results. It was invented for Dr. Sompong Srimanosaowapak, an MTEC researcher.

In addition, Mr. Kritsadakorn has invented an in-house e-Logbook system. This system can help to manage, access and analyze the laboratory facilities. Anybody who wants to use the equipment is required to pass the technical training so that he/she will be able to make a reservation for the required equipment.


To start using the facilities, the employees have to log in using their ID card. There are 3 modes for selection as follows:

  1. Log in and start to record the power used and total workload, and then Log out

  2. Log in and record only the power used, and then Log out

  3. Log in and Log out

This system has been installed in 8 instruments, but only one instrument in the Mechanical Workshop in the MTEC Pilot Plant has been used. If the system works well as intended, it will be implemented for the rest. The installation costs approximately 2,000 Baht per instrument.

Major advantage of this system is that it yields actual workload for each instrument, a highly important information for well-informed decision making process for procurement of new facilities.


Mr. Kritsadakorn has an interest in invention since he was young, because his grandfather showed him how to repair, create and invent various things, and also taught him a basic knowledge of electronics. He has learnt a lot from his beloved grandfather and brought all the knowledge to create many useful devices, and always improves himself through facing a new challenge.


Kritsadakorn Manakla:

  • Graduated Bachalor of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Science, Chandrakasem, Rajaphat University

  • At present, work as an engineer of Internal Infrastructure Management Department at the National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC)


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