Research Unit Director

Name : Dr.Panadda Sheppard

Position: Principal Researcher/Research Unit Director

Tel : 66 2564 6500 ext. 4232


         MRRU engages in the field of materials reliability improvement, aiming at increasing efficiency and reliability of materials, ensuring safety and prolonging service life of engineering parts. To obtain integrity parts or components, material selection, engineering design, and processing control must be well defined. Our research and development focus in the following areas:

  •  Failure analysis, prevention and corrosion control methods for engineering parts
  • Surface coating technologies, including thermal spraying and physical vapour deposition. Coating materials and processes are tailored for specific applications.
  • Metal forming processes including metal injection molding, high pressure die casting, squeeze casting and metal foaming.

         Root causes of failure and its mechanism are studied in order to find out the method to prevent it from re-occurring or to alleviate the problem. Causes of failure can be aging, atmospheric environment or service environment.  Surface coating technology can enhance surface quality and performances such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, frictional force reduction, high temperature stability or durable esthetic surface etc. In metal manufacturing processes, our goal is to obtain products that meet the designed requirement and properties at economic and competitive cost.


Past performances

  • Failure analysis of pipe line of natural gas, rail track and components used in refinery etc.
  • Study of Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steels with Various Surface Conditions Exposed to Thailand’s Climate
  • Surface coating for machinery parts in manufacturing processes for various industries eg automotive, food processing, textile, rubber industries etc
  • Thermal spraying for components used in power generation
  • Pilot-scaled trial production for Ti foam
  • Lab-scaled production of Al foam
  • Casting productivity improvement using metal casting simulation program

  • High pressure die casting process improvement




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