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Name : Asst. Prof. Assoc.Prof.Siriluck Nivitchanyong
Position :Deputy Executive Director/Focus Unit Director
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Mission / Core Technology

          TOPPFU’s main research focus is on design and development of prototype machine and system relating to integrated oil palm processing technology that includes steamless palm oil extraction system, biomass gasification system, and palm oil refinery system, in order to enhance the overall Technology Readiness Level (TRL), leading to technology licensing process, and to create sustainability on food and energy at community level.


Current R&D activities include

1. Design and development of urgently needed machinery relating to steamless palm oil extraction system, such as palm fruit stripper from oil palm Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB).

2. Research and development on gasification technology for electricity and heat generation using Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) as biomass.

3. Research and development on environmental friendly palm oil refinery system for the use in a local community.




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