On November 20-23, 2019 at Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center (BITEC)

         Dr. Somboon Otrawanna, an MTEC’s senior researcher of Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing Research Group, had presented the CAE 3D, a computer-aided engineering software at the METALEX 2019 under the concept of New Smart Technologies. 

            In this event, three research results had been presented, namely

  1. A Computer-aided Engineering Software Package for Engineering Education (CAE 3D)
  1. Applications of Finite Element and CFD Analysis in the Industry
  2. FEA and CFD via CAE 3D (Freeware for Computer – Aided Engineering Education)

            METALEX 2019 had paved the way for the sustainable success of the metal industries in the 4.0 era under the concept of “New Smart Technologies”. Three major areas were presented, namely

  1. New technology for fabricating wires, cables and pipes
  2. Smart and lightweight materials zone
  3. Smart sensor technology zone

          This event had opened up new possibilities for the business growth through machines and technical solutions of more than 4,800 items, such as the machine tools, the solution of the production, the innovative processing of metal sheets and other metal technologies over  4,000 brands from 50 countries, including the international pavilions and the German pavilion. There was also a seminar under the topic of the business opportunity that could elevate the trade to a new dimension. To this end, METALEX is an effective key success facter for the success in the ASEAN market.

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