The National Metal and Materials Technology Centre (MTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) organized a seminar on 29 October 2015, at Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok.  Dr.Aree Thanaboonsombut, MTEC Deputy Executive Director, presided at the Opening Ceremony.  The seminar was organized by Life Cycle Assessment Laboratory, Environment Research Unit.  The aim is to disseminate of research and guideline for the environmental management of Palm Oil products that take benefit of sustainable Palm Oil to industrial sector.

MTEC has made research to analyze the flow path of the palm oil in food and biofuel commodities, as well as the environmental impact assessment of Palm Oil and waste utilization technology from Palm Oil products and manufacturing processes, it is necessary to assess its production from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) aspect using the method and evaluation of the economic value of the utilization technology of waste products, including the program for Life Cycle Assessment of Palm Oil products.  These have been developed to assist in analyzing the flow path of Oil Palm and greenhouse gas emissions, which estimates that such findings would be important and useful for the entrepreneurs to decide on the selection guidelines, management of waste resulting from the production process proper and cost-effective manner