Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

Polymer chemistry laboratory conducts research and development in chemistry of polymer synthesis, especially environmentally friendly polymers, from upstream to downstream. Our research works focus on plastic films for agricultural applications such as greenhouse films, nursery bags, and biodegradable fruit bagging film during growth, in order to increase the quality of the agricultural produces. In addition, our research and development also concentrate on the functionalized copolymers for using in food, medical and cosmetics applications.

– synthesis, molecular and structural designs of polymers
– surface modification of additive
– compounding and blowing film

• UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer (Lambda950 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer)
• High Pressure Homogenizer
• Supercritical Fluid

Integrated greenhouse system to support the project “Organic Vegetable Growing for Military Community” at Special Operations Division 1, Vajiralongkorn camp, Lopburi province. This greenhouse system includes three technologies: (1) radiant filtered greenhouse film (2) designed greenhouse structure and (3) modern cultivation.

Biodegradable fruit bagging film during growth which can select specific wavelength radiation for enhancing fruit growth and quality. It has high CO2 and water permeabilities and has good mechanical properties which can be reused several times.

Biodegradable hollow sphere microbeads which derived from crosslinkable polylactic acid copolymers. It can be used for encapsulating and slow release of essential oil, herbs or drugs.

essential oil encapsulated microbeads

Chanit Wanikanukul, Senior Analyst

Phone : 0 2564 6500 Ext. 4386 Fax : 0 2564 6402

E-mail : chanitw@mtec.or.th

Kanokporn Mansakul, Analyst

Phone : 0 2564 6500 Ext. 4305 Fax : 0 2564 6402

E-mail : kanokpom@mtec.or.th

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