Plastics Technology Laboratory

This Laboratory conducts research and development as well as providing technical services, using the skills and expertise of its staff coupled with appropriate application of modern instrumentation. Cutting edge equipment and fundamental analysis tools form the basis for building up the knowledge and understanding required to develop materials and processing technology to better suit the needs of the end users.

The capability and activities conducted in this Laboratory include: Plastic Development, Design and Production Group, Plastic Mixing and Compounding Group, Plastic Film Technology for Packaging and Industries Group

– Materials Selection & Development
– Product Engineering
– Rapid Prototyping
– Product Testing
– Shaping Process Development


– Innovative and Sustainable Packaging for Thai Fresh Produce Industry ActivePAKTM, ActivePAKTM Ultra
– Snap-tie and HDPE Cable Spacer
– Dispensing Closure for Glug-free Pouring

Ms.Kanokporn Mansakul
Tel: 025646500 #4305,
Fax: 025646402

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