New Alternative Preservative for Extending Shelf Life of Fresh Natural Rubber Latex for Rubber Sheet Production
BeTHEPS is a preservative that can increase the quality of rubber, reduce environmental pollution
and create a good quality of life for rubber farmers.

   • If without any proper preservation, spontaneous coagulation and spoilage of fresh natural rubber latex usually occurs in 6-8 hours.
   • Preservatives are required to extend shelf life of fresh natural rubber latex.
   • Ammonia and sodium sulfite are widely used as commercial preservatives.
   • Ammonia creates toxic fume, endangering workers’ health and causing environmental pollution.
   • Sodium sulfite leaves air pockets in dry rubber sheets, resulting in lowering the rubber sheet quality.

   • Easy to mix with latex in liquid form
   • Reduce the risk of latex coagulation and spoilage
   • Extend the shelf life of latex by up to 1-3 days

Benefits of BeThEPS
Quality of farmer’s life

   • Work with eco-friendly preservatives for latex
   • Lessen transport frequency of latex from the plantation to the processing factory, saving time and fuel for farmers
   • Have more time with their families and more time on other endeavors

Quality of rubber sheets
   • Increase the ratio of high graded rubber sheets
   • Increase the income of rubber farmers and rubber sheet manufacturers
• Provide a better choice of the raw material for tires, automotive parts, conveyor belts, flooring rubber and rubber adhesives

Quality of truck bus radial tire
   • Good endurance (high performance)
   • Good rolling resistance (save petrol gas)

Two intellectual properties
   1. Formulation of BeThEPS (Trade Secret: TS60MT00104)
   2. Production process of BeThEPS (Trade Secret:TS60MT00105)

Current status of technologycommercialization Lice

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