Biodegradation Testing

a) Xenon Accelerated Weatherometer
b) UV Accelerated Weatherometer
c) Biodegradation test under various conditions
• Industrial composting
• Home composting
• Soil
• Anaerobic biodegradation
• Landfill
• Sea water
• Oxo-biodegradation
• High liquid anaerobic digestion
d) Toxicity test

Note: Industrial composting, home composting, biodegradation in soil and Toxicity test are approved ISO 17025 from DIN CERTCO., Germany. The test reports can be used to apply for the internationally recognized certification marks: DIN-Geprüft test mark for industrial compostability and the Seedling compostability mark of the European Bioplastics association.

Biodegradability, weathering and environmental simulation test

Plastic packaging, paper, mulch Films, greenhouses, nursery bags, adhesives, inks, pigments, additives, chemicals, consumer products, detergents, oils, etc.

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