Surface & Coatings Forum2017

Driving S-Curve Industries through Surface Technology and Innovations

June, Friday 23rd 2017, at 9.00 – 17.00

SILK 1-3, 2nd Floor, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC)

Organized by :Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute (MMRI), Chulalongkorn University

Co-organized by :National Science Technology and Innovations Policy Office (STI), National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Thai Corrosion of Metals and Materials Association (TCMA) and Reed Tradex

          To promote the sustainable growths of the economy, many countries strategically focus on the developments of the high value-added innovation based industries.  In Thailand, for example, the so-called s-curve industries with fast growing potentials have been identified.  These include next-generation automotive, smart electronics, aviation, and medical hubs.  Interestingly, many of these industries are critically enabled and strengthened by surface technology and innovations. To name a few, surface technology is required for the developments and productions of electrode batteries, PCB interconnects, and aviation’s components. The developments of surface technology and innovations will thus underpin the growth of these important industries.

          In Surface & Coatings Forum 2017, we are honored to have both local and international experts to deliver the talks on the subjects related to the s-curve industries and the contributions of surface technology and innovations.  Furthermore, an array of the cutting-edge surface technology and innovation that illustrate the s-curve developments of the surface finishing industry itself will be discussed.

Morning Session:

09.00 – 09.30  Registration
09.30 – 09.40  Opening speech:
                        Dr. Kitipong Promwong (Secretary General – STI)
09.40 – 10.10  Strengthening Thailand’s competitiveness with the target s-                                curve industries andstrategic
                        policies in science, technology and innovations        
                        by Dr. Kitipong Promwong
                        Secretary General, National Science Technology and                                          Innovation Policy Office (STI)

10.10 – 10.15  Thailand Electroplating Network (TEPNET): Activities for                                    development of the plating industry by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Yuttanant                          Boonyongmaneerat Deputy Director,Metallurgy and Materials                            Science Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University

10.15 – 10.50  Electric vehicles: opportunities and challenge of surface                                      treatment industry by Mr. Suphot Sukphisarn Deputy Secretary                          General,Thai Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA)

10.50 – 11.25  Contributions of electroplating to the high-value added                                        industries: case study of hard chrome plating by                                                  Dr. Martin Metzner Head of Department for Electroplating,
                        Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and                                      Automation, IPA

11.25  – 12.00  Advanced anodizing of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium
                         by Dr. Sungmo Moon
                         Principal Researcher / Professor
                         Korean Institute of Materials Science (KIMS)

12.00 – 13.30   Lunch break

Afternoon Session:

13.00 – 13.30  Registration
13.30 – 14.00  Nanocoating technology for enhanced corrosion resistance and                          black decorative finishes by Mr. Shou Mao Hung R&D Manager
                        Ya Chung Chemical Group

14.00 – 14.30  Advances in surface modifications and coatings of biomaterials                          for medical applications by Dr. Jintamai Suwanprateeb
                        Principal Researcher National Metal and Materials Technology                          Center (MTEC)

14.30 – 15.00  Synchroton photoemisssion electron microscopy (PEEM) for                              surface & thin film research: case studies in surface                                            modification and functional applications by Dr. Chanan                                        Euaruksakul Beamline Scientist The Synchrotron Light                                        Research Institute (SLRI)

15.00 – 15.30  Technology update on plating on plastic for sustainability
                        by Dr. Toshimitsu Nagao Manager, General Head Researcher,                            Metal Finishing Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

15.30 – 16.00   Acid zinc-nickel technology: An overview of the finish for brake                          caliper applications by Mr. Jamie Flesch Technical support &                              Marketing Coordinator Dipsol of America, Inc.

16.00 – 16.30  PVD Coating (physical vapour deposition) for decorative,                                    tribological and tool applications by Asst.Prof.Dr. Rachsak                                  Sakdanuphab King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology                                          Ladkrabang

16.30 – 17.00  Sustainable paint pretreatment for alloy wheels and multi-metal                          automotive and motorcycle components by Mr. Matthew Morey                          Worldwide Product Manager, Paint support technologies 

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