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Award Level (National/International/Other (Please describe): International Conference
Presentation Type (Oral/Poster/Other (Please describe): Oral Presentation
Research Title: Processing-induced formation of ribbon-like cyclic olefin copolymer fiber for reinforcement of polyethylene blown film
Award Recipient(s)
1. Ms. Bongkot Hararak
2. Dr. Charinee Winotapun
3. Ms. Ajcharaporn Aontee
4. Mr. Pramote Kumsang
5. Dr. Noppadon Kerddonfag
Research Team: Plastics Technology Research Team (PLTT)
Research Group: Advanced Polymer Technology Research Group (APT)
Organization: MTEC
Award Name: The Best Oral Presentation
Award given by: PCM2019 Organizing Committee Giver: Professor Esteban Broitman
Award Ceremony: Event: The 6th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM2019)
Date: 8-11 July 2019 Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Background and Significance of Research
Aims: This study aimed to improve mechanical properties of low density polyethylene/cyclic olefin copolymer (LDPE/COC) films by processing-induced formation of ribbon-like COC fibers.
Research Summary
The reinforced LDPE films showed a superior enhancement in mechanical properties especially in machine direction (MD). By adding 30 wt% of COC, tensile strength, Young’s modulus and toughness in MD were 29 MPa, 578 MPa, and 51 MPa, respectively. These were synergized ~190%, ~250% and ~ 128 % over than those of neat LDPE films. Dispersed ribbon-like COC fiber morphology was observed clearly in blown film. The ribbon-like fibers showed a thickness in the range of 100-200 nm while their width and length depended on COC content. Moreover, films containing COC ribbon-like fibers exhibit an improvement of gas barrier properties as compared to the neat LDPE film. Film containing 30 wt% COC possessed water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of 6.5 g/m2day and 3675 cc/m2day, respectively, which were improved in barrier properties of 45% and 50% compared to neat LDPE films.
Conclusions: Synergistic mechanical properties were found on the LDPE films reinforced with ribbon-like COC fiber. The properties enhancement appears to be the result of reinforcement by the processing-induced formation of COC fiber. Composites films obtained from this work could contribute towards sustainable future in the flexible film industry by reducing film thickness while retaining mechanical performance.

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