The major problem found after treatment of burns is scar formation. To alleviate physical and psychological conditions of burned patients, several scar treatments have been developed, such as skin grafting, steroid injection, pressure garment wearing, and application of scar-relief materials, e.g. silicone gel. A method of choice for scar treatment entirely depends on the type and characteristics of treated scars. A combination of several methods results in the most effective outcome. Hence. the research team proposed to develope scar relief material that is elastic cloth one-side coated with silicone gel. The use of silicone gel in conjunction with elastic garment enhances the scar treatment and produces more positive healing effects. The Locally developed silicone gel-coated elastic may substitute some imported scar treatment goods. In addition, with affordable pricing, the patients can get access to the product more readily, at last. This, ultimately, results in an increase in the quality of life of the patients; they will be able to recover and resume their daily life.

Project Details
The research team formulated silicone get that could be properly coated onto the elastic cloth with Well retained shape and good strength. The product conforms to any wound shapes and adheres Well to the skin. Size and thickness of Silicone gel Coated on elastic cloth can be customizedly adjusted, according to the dimension and severeness of the wound. The product can be repeatedly reused up to 50 times after washing.

The clinical study was conducted from June 2014 to January 2015 under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Doctor Apichai Angspatt in 6 female and 1O male patients with a total wound area of 1280 cm2 from 16 wounds. The acquired clinical results were quite satisfactory. The silicone gel-coated elastic conformed and adhereed Well to the wound areas. The use of silicone gel-coated cloth in conjunction with pressure garments aligned the newly formed skin tissues more eventually. lt helped reduce pain, itchiness, color, stiffness, thickness, and irregularity of scars after the treatments.

Project Leader : Dr. Wanida Janvikul
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Contact : O2-56465OO ext. 4417

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