The research and development of Dental CT aims to increase competency in Thailand’s medical industries and services according to the national policy to be a health hub of Asia. This project not only reduces the expense of importing Dental CT which is very high, but also improves our knowledge on developing CT scanner. Since Dental CT usually requires lower doses than medical CT, a patient receives lower amount of doses. In addition, images from CT are three dimensional and no distortion unlike typical 2D radiography. With CT, dentists can visualize the internal anatomy structures in 3D and analyze diseases effectively, such as in dental implantology. This would increase the quality of dental practice in Thailand.

Project Details
After two years of success in developing a lab prototype of Dental CT, we would like to continue our work toward a field prototype of the dental CT by collaborating with the Faculty of Dentistry at Chiang Mai University for clinical trials. After gathering the comments from dentists and modifying our dental CT, now it can be used routinely in the clinics. The dental CT developed uses a cone-beam X-ray source and a flat panel detector located in the opposite direction, Both X-ray source and detector are rotated simultaneously around the patient for 360 degrees. Once the projection data at each angle are obtained, the reconstruction algorithm is applied to reconstruct 3D axial images of a patient. These 3D axial images can be displayed in 2D and 3D views using our viewer software.

Installing our dental CT at Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University can reduce the CT scan expenses for the patients that need dental implant surgery. In the fiscal year 2015, the Faculty of Dentistry gave free CT scan service to the patients, totally 382 scans which would cost the patients more than 2 million Baht for CT scan or MRI cost which the dentists require for diagnosis.
This Dental CT prototype has been installed at Chiang Mai since 2011. It has been used routinely. Now, more 1,500 scans have been done by this Dental CT.

Project Leader : Dr. Pasu Sirisalee
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Research Team : Dr. Kriskrai Sitthiseripratip
Dr. Danu Prommin
Mr. Thossapol Chunkiri
Mr. Tanapon Srivongsa
Mr. Parinya Junhunee
Mr. Atthasah Kiang-ia
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Contact : 02-5646500 ext. 4454

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