Patient handling is one of the key activities in patient care, especially for bedridden patients. However, manual patient handling has been considered as a high risk activity. There are many studies presenting the correlation between the musculoskeletal system injuries and patient handling. Patient Lifts can assist care givers in handling patients with locomotive difficulty. equipment in many developed countries. However, only a small number of patient Lifts are available to care givers in Thailand. The cost of imported patient lifts is still unaffordable for most public hospitals.
This prototype has been tested and used at a house of a quadriplegic from spinal cord injury at Chachoengsao province since January 2013, Many carers and disabled persons have also contacted MTEC and shown their interests of getting a patient Lift. However, only one prototype was developed in the previous project and the commercial production of this patient Lift has not started yet.

Project Details
MTEC research team has been funded from the Fund for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to produce 10 patient lifts. This project will expose the patient lifts to more users and give the manufacturer a pilot manufacturing batch before commercialization.
In this project, 10 patient lifts have been produced. 10 disabled persons were selected from a list from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Foundation of Empowerment Person with Disabilities (FEPD). The selected disabled persons and their helpers have used the patient Lift for several months. Evaluation has been done at the end of
the project to gather the feedbacks.

From the evaluation at the end of the project, the patient Lists developed by MTEC enable both the disabled persons and helpers to be safer and more convenient in daily activities. Some of them still use the patient lifts routinely after the project ended. Moreover, feedbacks and comments have been gathered to improve the patient lift in the future.

Project Reader : Dr. Pasu Sirisalee
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Research Team : Dr. Danu Prommin
Mr. Parinya Junhunee
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Contact : O2-5646500 ext. 4454

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