* Visiting Senior Researcher, Failure Analysis and Surface Technology (FAST) Lab, MTEC

* Special Researcher, Corrosion Property Group, Research Center for Structural Materials, NIMS, Japan  

I learnt of MTEC for the first time in 2006 through Prof. Teruo Kishi who was a former professor at the University of Tokyo and who has invited me to join NIMS as a Group Leader of Corrosion Group. Prof. Kishi wished to establish research collaboration in the field of atmospheric corrosion with MTEC due to his recognition of the importance of corrosion research in Asia. After initial discussion on science and technology policies and potential collaboration between Prof. Kishi and Dr. Paritud Bhandhubanyong, MTEC former Executive Director, I was assigned to plan the collaborative projects. For this reason, I visited MTEC for the first time back in August 2006.

The collaboration discussion with MTEC went very well that the first MoU between MTEC and NIMS was signed on November 17, 2006. The signing of this MOU marked the commencement of a collaborative research project on “the influence of environmental factors to metal corrosion”. The work began in full force through my several trips to MTEC and Thailand to search for the right locations for exposure test sites and to discuss testing procedures. Collaborative project on exposure test commenced in July 2007. From then to now, exposure tests have still been carried out at some of the test sites. The collaboration with MTEC which began from personal connection has spun for almost a decade!

Somewhere along the whole process of working with MTEC, I have met many new friends and colleagues. I have also expanded the corrosion network in Asian countries—Vietnam, the Philippines, India, China, Nepal, Taiwan, etc.—through atmospheric corrosion studies and collaborative exposure tests.

Due to my 30 years background in corrosion which includes atmospheric corrosion, localized corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), I was invited by MTEC to be a Visiting Senior Researcher in Failure Analysis and Surface Technology (FAST) Lab. I can feel how eager to learn the young researchers are. Basically, everyone is younger than me! I am glad to lend my support and advice in the areas needed.

I also remember helping MTEC members establishing the Thai Corrosion of Metal and Materials Association (TCMA) in 2010. In japan, I am a member of JSCE, Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering, which is the only one society combining academic and industries for corrosion research in Japan. The JSCE members lead the field of corrosion science and corrosion engineering in various societies – ISIJ (The Iron & Steel Institute of Japan) , JIM (The Japan Institute of Metals), JPI (The Japan Petroleum Institute), SCEJ (The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan), JACC (Japan Association of Corrosion Control), SFSJ (The Surface Finishing Society of Japan) and so on. I hope that MTEC members drive TCMA and the field of corrosion science and corrosion engineering in Thailand and eventually become the key station of “Corrosion Research” in Asia in the future.

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