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Introduction and Scope:
Corrosion of metal is a phenomenon and has a great impact on damage of all metal equipment or infrastructures in various industries resulting in high risk of working safety, a big loss of economic as well as health. Corrosion can cause plant shutdowns and require extensive repair and replacement of the failed assets. The annual corrosion cost by 3 to 4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been reported for industrialized countries. For Thailand, the corrosion cost up to 2% of GDP has been predicted by the experts.
Basically, corrosion of metal is not only an electrochemical interaction between metal and environment, but also the mixed effects of metallurgy, mechanic and electricity. Therefore, corrosion prevention and control is highly complex, and involves extensive expertise and significant resources. Experience and knowledge sharing among individuals and societies across nation and global can be a key element to enhance technical capability of personnel to deal with corrosion concerns in industries, in particular oil-gas and power generation. Additionally, R&D is recognized as a powerful tool to bring the industry innovative means for corrosion prevention and control of components and facilities. 
This conference aims to establish a platform for gathering and sharing information on corrosion prevention technology among delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. It will help to promote collaboration between national institutes and societies in order to sustain our green society with reliable infrastructure for Thai industries.
Technical Scientific Sessions::
1) Corrosion Strategy and Management
2) Corrosion Prevention & Control
3) Materials Development, Selection & Testing
4) Operation, Maintenance and Inspection
Conference Language (updated on May 11, 2015): THAI & ENGLISH is accepted for oral presentations and submitted manuscripts. Please noted that poster session is limited to 20 poster presentations only.
Target Audiences:
 - Technical Staff and Engineers
 - Management
 - R&D related corrosion and prevention
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