During NACE-EAP 2019 conference in Yokohama Japan (12th – 14th November 2019), plenary lecture given by the president of JSCE, Prof. Atsushi Nishikata, highlighted three outstanding projects by JSCE members. The three projects included 1) Corrosion mitigation after tsunami of Daiichi Fukujima nuclear power plant, 2) Corrosion mapping of structural steels in East Asia region, and 3) Corrosion prediction by machine learning.  The second project was the collaborative project among MTEC (Failure Analysis and Corrosion Technology Research Team) Thailand-NIMS Japan –IMS Vietnam under e-Asia/NSTDA/Vietnam Ministry of Science supports. The result from this project led to a new database of atmospheric corrosion for 4 types of structural steels, whose corrosion rates differed from that of Europe region.

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