ULA-Asphalt Latex
Ultra Low Ammonia Natural Rubber Latex for Mixing with Asphalt Cement in Road Construction

ULA-Asphalt latex is a new type of concentrated natural rubber latex for mixing with asphalt cement. ULA-Asphalt latex has a very low ammonia content and high thermal stability which can resolve the problems of air pollution and clogging in the para asphalt cement (Para AC) production. 

• Pollution from ammonia vapors inlatex factory and Para AC plants
• Complaints from surrounding communities
• Needs of ammonia gas trapping equipment and additional wastewater treatment ponds
• Clogging in Para AC pipelines

Outstanding properties of para asphalt concrete
• High rutting resistance
• High fatigue resistance
• Decrease raveling
• Anti-stripping
• Long lifetime
• Safe maintenance cost
• High skid resistance

Benefits of ULA-Asphalt latex
1. Concentrated latex production
   • Promote less pollution from ammonia vapors in
   • Could be transported to latex factory without any storage required
   • Promote stability at high temperature
2. Para asphalt cement production
   • Reduce complaints from surrounding communities
   • Reduce clogging in Para AC pipelines
   • Does not require either ammonia gas trapping equipment installation or additional wastewater
treatment ponds construction
3. Para asphalt concrete production
   • Reduce pollution from ammonia vapors
   • The High quality ULA-Para AC products comply with the standard of Thai industrial products (TIS 2731-2559)

Two intellectual properties
   • Patent: Thai patent filing no.1601004757
   • Trade secret no.: TS60MT0019

Testing standard (Thai industrail standard: TIS)
   • ULA-Asphalt latex (TIS 980-2552)
   • ULA-Asphalt cement (TIS 2731-2559)

Contact person:
Suriyakamon Montha (Mr.)
Tel. +66(0)2-564-6500 ext. 4503
Fax. +66(0)2-564 6446
Email: suriyakm@mtec.or.th

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