November 23, 2018 at MTEC Building, Thailand Science Park

The National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) led by Dr. Aree Thanaboonsombut, Deputy Executive Director hosted the delegates from Polymer Technology Executives’ Society led by Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshimura, Vice President of TOSOH Corporation. The purpose of the visit is to pave the way for future collaboration.

MTEC showcased its research works, e.g., Nonwovens, Biobased Polymers, Active Packaging Films, Luminescence Materials & Automotive Parts guided by Dr. Asira Fuongfuchat, Director of Polymers Research Unit. The showcases also included the highlight researches from Rubber Research Unit such as Green Rubber and Eco Rubber Compounding. The visit also encompassed the lab tours, e.g., Rheology Lab, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab and Plastic Technology Lab.

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