Lookie Waste: Food waste and food packaging monitoring application
through the life cycle concept

The problem of global food waste has a wide impact lead to “Lookie Waste”, the mobile-based application that focusing on food consumption to monitor food waste and food packaging waste generated at the consumer level in daily life. The application can assess the environmental impact of food and packaging waste from the life cycle of the concept. In addition, interpreted in terms of nutrients for children and communication in the form of the number of children affected by our food waste. Also, covers the financial impact consumers have on food waste that communicates with consumers and encourages them to reduce food waste and raise environmental awareness. 

“Lookie Waste” is developed by National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand, which is organised as part of the UN Environment “The Resource Efficiency through Application of Life Cycle Thinking” (REAL) project funded by the European Commission (EC). This project belongs to pilot projects for implementing life cycle thinking in Asia and the Pacific of the SWITCH-Asia programme and it could link on “Smarter consumption (household and public)” side. This project aims to promote the use of technology to improve the understanding of the impact of food waste and to change the behaviour of consumption to sustainable development. 

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