September 5-6, 2019 at Centara Grand at Central World

          THAILAND TECH SHOW 2019 was organized by the National Science and  Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) together with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation under the concept of “360o Innovation x Sustainability” to strengthen business competency with science, technology and innovation. Dr. Atchara Wongsaengchan, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, presided over the opening ceremony and granted certificates of outstanding research in technology transfer to researchers. 

           Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, the President of NSTDA, had given a talk on “10 Technologies To Watch”. There were several activities, e.g. a vote for the best investment and presentation on NSTDA Investors’ Day 2019 and a pitching activity. The pitching activity consisted of 11 outstanding works of the year, 5 presentations by NSTDA and 6 presentations by its partners, presented to those interested in investing in the technology business. There were also lectures on various topics, presented the experts from the government and industries, such as health, food and energy innovation. 

              In this event, there were more than 240 technology exhibition booths of NSTDA and its partners, totaling over 40 agencies. The exhibition covered various technologies such as medicine, agriculture, fishery, jewelry, tooling and machinery, cosmetics, medical supplies, food and drinks, electronics and educational media. The exhibitions from NSTDA and its partners were divided into 36 recommended technologies and highlights, and a lecture under the topic of “10 Technologies To Watch”. Every year, NSTDA will select the most promising 10 technologies that would affect the society in the next 5-10 years and present them in the event.

             One of the most important activities in NSTDA Investors’ Day 2019 was an Investment Pitching which allocating 7 minutes for researchers to present their works. MTEC presented its nonwovens research for enhancing agricultural productivity (Magik Growth), which was designed to be used in agriculture.

             Magik Growth, a Spunbond Nonwoven molded product, is made from a polymer compound formula by modifying certain properties and controlling its structure to support water and air flow. Magik Growth can be used with various products because it could be customized to suit various applications.

            Lastly, there was a seminar under the topic of Energy for Business Sustainability by Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop on the last day of this event.

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