The rapid growth of electrical and electronic industries in Thailand has led to electronic waste or globally known as e-Waste. C-Waste is posing a serious challenge in disposal and management. In 2008, Thailand generated 2.72 million tons of e-Waste. However, e-waste could be recycled to be used as starting materials. Printed circuit board (PCB) waste contains precious metal, especially copper which accounts for 10% of the composition, and insulating fiberglass resin which makes up another 90%. Generally, after Copper extraction through physical process, fiberglass resin powder is usually disposed since it is not valuable and has no choice to recycle. Fiberglass resin powder Contains thermoset resin and fiber glass which, after blending with polyester resin, Could establish chemical bond and, after hardening, Could be used as substitute for materials with hardness and ductility properties.
To promote a more complete e-waste management, this research providesan option for using fiberglass resin powder as Compound for making artificial stone to substitute for natural stone. The artificial stone can be formed for making decorative items which add more value to the products. The artificial stone also recycles e-waste and turning it into valuable resources and help reduce the cost of waste management.

Project Details
Mechanical and chemical properties were taken into Consideration when developing artificial stone from glass fiber resin recycled from printed circuit board waste. Moreover, emphasis is placed on environmental concerns of hazardous substances in fiber glass resin powder used for making raw materials. The development of artificial stones prototype are divided into 2 parts:
1. Development of compound formula suitable for making artificial Stone
2. Development of formation process of artificial stone. The formation process Creates desirable texture, pattern, shapes and sizes to the prototype. Moreover, property testing of prototype was carried out. The test includes acid and alkaline resistance, stain resistance, adhesion test to concrete wall, VOCs, bacterial and fungal resistance, hardness testing and leachability of pollutants.

1. Compound formula suitable for making artificial stone. The main Components are fiberglass resin powder recycled from printed circuit board which makes up 40-50%, polyester resin (40-50%) and the rest is Catalyst which was granted petty patent no. 8341.
2. Artificial Stone made from fiberglass resin powder is Lighter than natural Stone, which is easy for installation, easy to clean and resist to cleaning agents, is strong, ductile and not easy to break. Besides, the artificial stone is easy to be formed into various shapes, texture and colours. The products obtained can be used as materials for both exterior and interior surface decoration, as well as garden decoration.

Project Leader : Dr. Premrudee Kanchanapiya
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Research Team : Dr. Kittinan Annanon
Ms. Waraporn Pinyo
Mr. Tongpool Sangkapes
Ms. Pornnalat Singrattanapan
Ms. Kunyanat Kumchiang
Asst.Prof.Dr. Suphaphat Kwonpongsagoon
Mr. Somkiat Mongkolsamai
Contact : 02-5646500 ext. 4052

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